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Center of Mass is a Limited Liability Company.

Center of Mass Tactical was started in 1999 by Rick Palmer. He started C.O.M. in Firth, Idaho, a very small town nestled on the Snake River Plain of Southeastern Idaho.

For those of you that hadn't heard, Rick Palmer who was the owner and founder of Center of Mass holsters passed away in June due to complications with his knee surgery at the VA hospital in Salt Lake City.

In addition to running Center of Mass Holsters, Rick was also a member of his local volunteer fire department, a competitive shooter, and a huge supporter of the shooting sports.

After his passing, Steve Furtney and myself were able to come to an agreement to purchase Center of Mass from his family. While we're currently in a transition period, we would like to make sure that everyone knows that the business is still up and running and we're planning on growing it into something that Rick would be proud of.

With that being said, if you're currently in possession of a gift certificate you won at a match, or have an order pending, please contact us and we'll be happy to get your order placed or filled (contact info below). We look forward to your continued patronage and to building quality holsters made 100% in the USA. Please check out our facebook page, and thanks so much. We look forward to hearing from you.     Travis

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Steve Furtney * (541) 403-4136 * stf1981@live.com
Travis Gibson * (208)-869-2947 * travisg@mgmtargets.com

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A little about COM Holsters founder:
Rick's tactical background coming into the business was: U.S. Army Engineers Combat Heavy, nuclear security, Law Enforcement Reserve, hurricane/disaster zone security, IPSC and 3 Gun competition, all married with airplane mechanic school and time spent as a nuclear mechanical/technician. Rick's main tactical mentor and friend was Law Enforcement and Gunsite Trainer, Alan Hall.

Our name, Center of Mass, comes from a pistol-range command that law enforcement and tactical ranges start with. "Draw and shoot at Center of Mass."

C.O.M.we have taken an old idea and made a few changes. We took the standard KYDEX® holsters, added a little style to the cut and a little strength to the designs. Our Testing field is Department of Energy and local Special Reponse Team members. If they can't break it, it can't be broken!

We are constantly doing Research and Development in the KYDEX
® and tactical gear areas.

C.O.M. is the only manufacturer that is building KYDEX® phone holsters, which use spring steel clips to attach to the belt or car visor. We also use the spring clip on some models of the KYDEX® magazine holders. The spring clip is far superior to the plastic clip for strength and durability.

C.O.M. products are proudly made in Idaho. We strive to build high quality, extremely reliable products. Our philosophy is to observe every detail, from raw materials to the finished product. Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality product that will last for years to come.

Center of Mass
21393 Main St
Greenleaf, Idaho 83626
(541) 403-4136


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